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Whisky Types You Should Know!

Whisky is a popular alcoholic beverage in the world, that is usually made from grain-based products, fermented, distilled and generally matured in oak barrels. Each type of whisky has unique characteristics, production methods, and regional variations. These factors bring about a wide range of styles and flavors of whisky.

At Sizzles Liquors, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best. For this reason, we believe that knowing more about the drinks you love helps you in making good choices. good choices equal good vibes and good vibes are what we love to offer in addition to good drinks. This article has been prepared to share knowledge on the popular types of Whiskey. see them below :


This is the most popular and best-selling whisky in the world. They are made in Scotland from malted barley. These spirits are not only distilled twice but are also aged for a minimum of three years. Well-known Scottish brands include Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, etc.

Single Malt

It is produced at a single distillery and can be from a blend of different malt whiskeys but must be from a single distillery. This whisky is purely made out of malted barley and has the trademark of distillery in its taste. Its one distillery production gives it a highly distinguishable taste from other malted whiskeys. This type has some of the most expensive whiskeys.

However, a lot of popular distilleries produce some quality and affordable whiskeys to give their customers a classic taste of their products. Some of the best single-malt whisky brands you can order include Macallan, Aberlour, etc.

Blended Whisky

The end result of this one is a combination of different types of whisky, such as malt and grain whiskies. This blending creates a balanced and often more accessible flavor profile. There is a wide range of blended whisky brands. Blended scotch is made only in Scotland. Some of the most popular brands include Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, etc.

Bourbon Whisky

It is a fine American spirit that is made from corn (at least 51%), with aging in new charred oak barrels. Bourbon is known for its sweet and robust flavors. The best-known brands include Bulleit, Markers Mark, and Woodford Reserve.

Tennessee Whisky

It is made of corn and is usually aged in new barrels for four or more years. Even though it is produced in Tennessee, It is similar to bourbon and usually is made with additional filtration through sugar maple charcoal, known as the Lincoln County Process. Jack Daniels and George Dickel are famous examples.


It mainly is made in America from at least 51% rye grain. it has a spicy and complex taste making it good for whisky cocktails. Famous brands include Sazerac Rye, Bulleit, etc.


Irish whisky is produced in Ireland. It is aged for at least three years and is made of a blended malt of half oats and half barley. Also, it has a blended taste of its own and is exceptionally smooth. Varieties include Jameson, Tullamore dew, etc.

Japanese Whisky

In as much as it is produced in Japan, Japanese whisky is distilled almost the same way as Scotch. For a long time, Japanese whiskeys were more like scotch whiskeys. However, Japanese distillers have evolved over time and have developed their own style with high standards. Some Japanese brands include Yamazaki, Hibiki Suntory, etc.

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We have listed just but a few types of whiskeys above that may help you to know a little bit more about your favorite drink. By now you not only have more knowledge concerning the different types of whiskeys, but also you know the best place to make your purchase. The next step would be to order your favorite whisky. Maybe even try a new brand because why not? Visit our online shop and explore our collection

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