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Tusker Malt Beer Can 500ml



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  • It pours a light golden colour with a white head and grainy aromas. It is clean with a light body and a light bitterness on the palate.
  • TUSKER MALT Lager is brewed for a longer period of time than other modern lagers. Which gives it the distinctively rich, smooth, and premium flavor that many have come to adore.
  • Crisp and clean aromas with a touch of citrus. It is made using the highest quality malt barley in Kenya.
  • This beer, light-colored, highly carbonated type of beer.
  • After years of being a brand exclusively available for export, Tusker Malt Lager was first introduced to the Kenyan market in 1996.
  • TUSKER MALT Lager is brewed for longer than other contemporary lagers. Giving it that unmistakably rich, smooth premium taste that is widely recognized and that consumers have grown to love.
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Tusker Malt Beer Can 500ml
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