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Guinness Beer Can 500ml



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  • Guinness has smells of roasted malts with definite hints of coffee beans. It has a very clean, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel with a slightly roasted flavor profile.
  • Rich and bursting with intricate toffee and caramel smells, Guiness Stout strikes the perfect balance between dark fruit richness and bitter hops for a crisp and energizing finish.
  • Aroma: A dark fruity sweetness. A hint of cocoa, chocolate, and coffee flavor is combined with a character of cherry, raisin, and roasty malt. A hint of sourness and faint flavors of vanilla beans.
  • Taste Light in body, with a hint of creaminess and sweetness that gives way to hops that bitter quite a little.
  • Guinness originated in 1759 at Arthur Guinness’s brewery in St James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland.
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Guinness Beer Can 500ml
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