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  •  Richot Brandy is made using the distillation of carefully selected grapes that have been grown in the region for centuries. The master distillers at Richot make sure the quality of grapes used for their brandy is of the finest quality possible. The brandy is distilled three times which gives it a light and mellow flavor. Richot is aged in oak casks for a minimum of one year providing a smooth and mellow finish.
  • This brandy is a highend cognac, crafted with an attention to detail and a commitment to excellence that has been perfected by centuries of family knowledge and tradition. Richot is a perfect drink for any occasion, from sipping it neat to adding it to a cocktail. Richot Brandy is a timeless classic that will bring any special moment to life with its unique flavor and aromas.
  • To enjoy the Richot make an order at Sizzle Liquors today, because at Sizzle Liquors we believe in satisfying our customer’s priorities. Visit our website and complete an order and enjoy the product in the comfort of your place within 24 hours from the time of order completion.

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