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Kenyan Originals Pineapple & Mint Cider Can 330ml


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  • Energizing cider with a kali but cool flavor Authentic Kenyan fruit, with a touch of Kenya! At 8% ABV, Kenyan Originals is a line of alcoholic fruit ciders made with 100% genuine Kenyan fruit. Kenyan flavor is tasted in every sip of KO fruit cider.
  • Made with honey-tasting pineapples from western Kenya and a touch of fresh mint, this exotic, lightly carbonated cider will bring authentic refreshment to your night.
  • Cider maker notes Honeyed Pineapples chopped, juiced and muddled with crushed fresh mint.
  • Aroma honeyed pineapple, herbal, juicy apple. Crisp mint, ripe pineapples, sweet melon, apple butter.
  • This fruity and minty cider pairs perfectly with grilled fish, fresh salads, smoked pulled pork, and burrito bowls. Making it a versatile beverage that’s perfect for any occasion. Try it now and experience the unique blend of sweet and tangy flavors in every sip.
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Kenyan Originals Pineapple & Mint Cider Can 330ml
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