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  • Cider maker notes Apple Mangoes, sliced, juiced and infused with hot chilli.
  • Aroma Tropical, tangy, spice, floral mango, creamy.
  • This fiery cider is a versatile beverage that goes well with a variety of foods and drinks, including spicy curry dishes, chargrilled meats and veggies, and Sharp cheese. Taste it now to discover the special fusion of spicy and sweet flavors in each sip.
  • Our unique honey cider is made with all natural Kenyan Mango, chilli. Kenyan Originals is an alcoholic fruit cider range, blended with 100% real Kenyan fruit at 8% abv. Every sip of Kenyan Originals fruit cider is a taste of Kenyan character.
  • Fermented, blended and bottled in Kenyan Original’s awesome shipping container in Limuru.
  • To enjoy the above product at the best price in Kenya visit or WhatsApp 0716398500 , make a complete order, and enjoy free shipping to your place in a period of less than 24 hours.
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