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One of the pale beers with 5% alcohol content is Heineken Lager. It is made by Heineken N.K., a Dutch brewing firm. A red star is printed on a green bottle that holds Heineken.

The brewery unveiled its oval emblem with the word “Heineken” in the center in 1954.
Whatever your taste, one of the most recognizable beers in the world has you covered. From our draught to our alcohol-free Heineken® 0.0, to our flagship. A universe of refreshments is there at your taste receptors.

Excellent flavor, zero alcohol: Our master brewers began with nothing and spent years tasting, brewing, and experimenting before they eventually developed a recipe that is characterized by its soft, malty body and crisp, fruity flavors that are expertly balanced. One deserving of the brand.
The First: Every ice-cold, crisp sip will offer that deeply gratifying flavor with subtle fruity undertones. As soon as you glimpse the red star on the green bottle.

Come experience it right now at Kenya’s Sizzle Liquors.

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